About Us

A Letter From Our Founder, The First Trax Story:

Hi, my name is Dustin Holstein and I am the founder of First Trax Coffee. I was never a big coffee drinker to begin with. Growing up in Boston, MA, the standard coffee from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks was never good enough to convert me over to a passionate coffee drinker. I didn't start appreciating a good cup of coffee until studying abroad in Auckland, New Zealand where I discovered Imperial Lane Coffee, a small hole in the wall coffee shop with an incredible ambiance. See photo below.

After returning stateside, I got fed up with the roasts from big coffee companies. They tasted generic and lacked flavor. After graduating from Boston University, I moved to Lakewood Colorado and was consumed in the Denver Coffee scene. This led me to purchase an espresso machine and start experimenting with small/micro roast coffees. My first roasted coffee was done on a Whirley-Pop Popcorn maker and from that point on I was hooked. Seeing as I have little experience with roasting coffee on a commercial scale, I have partnered with local coffee roasters to create a series of unique roasts that cater to the hearts of all outdoor enthusiasts in the Colorado community.

The First Trax Mission Statement:

First Trax Coffee pushes individuals through the brilliance of coffee to pursue active, energetic, and adventurous lifestyles.

Why The Name First Trax:

I am an avid skier. As a weekend warrior, I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get ahead of the traffic and make it to the parking lots of the Summit County resorts before the lifts opened. Coffee is a natural compliment to an early morning trek to the mountains and nothing fits more than the name First Trax Coffee.



Meet The First Trax Coffee Team:  

Dustin Holstein

Dustin Holstein: Founder and CEO of First Trax Coffee. Growing up in Massachusetts, I picked up skiing at the young age of 4. Skiing became a defining part of my life as I started racing in high school and continued the discipline in college before transitioning to that big mountain ski life upon moving to Colorado. When not skiing I enjoy hiking 14ers with my girlfriend Ariel and dog Poma. 

Ariel and Poma

Ariel Briggs: President of Workplace Wellness. Ariel grew up in Upstate New York, and fell in love with mountains and outdoor adventures after working for a summer in Ecuador. She moved to Denver in 2013, where she met the First Trax CEO and Founder, Dustin, and learned how to ski. When she is not skiing, she likes to teach and practice yoga, train for marathons and half marathons, cook good food, and spend time with Dustin and their dog, Poma.

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Agosto (JC): President of Marketing and Social Media. Born in Puerto Rico, JC found himself on the west coast of Florida where he achieved a degree in graphic design from Ringling College of Art and Design. JC finally saw the light and decided to move to Denver Colorado in 2015 where he fell in love with the crisp air and tall mountains. JC recognized Dustin's complete lack of graphic design skills and joined the First Trax team. When not snowboarding, JC enjoys road biking and spending time with his dog Envy and when he doesn't answer Dustin's calls, he can be found at one of Denver's fantastic brewery's tasting a variety of beers.